How to Choose Your Wedding Party

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How to Choose Your Wedding Party

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You have picked your wedding date! Now its time to pick your wedding party. Before you do, here are a few things to consider on how to choose your wedding party. As exciting as picking your wedding party can be, stop for a second and think before you ask. These are the people that will be standing by your side on one of the most important days of your life so pick wisely or you will not be a happy camper.

  • Take You Time:

Don’t rush. Remember once you ask, you can’t take it back. Pick your wedding party and really think about that list before you ask.

  • Focus on Reliability:

Pick your wedding party based on how reliable they are not because you were in their wedding and you owe them one. Pick people that you can count on. If you have a friend that is always late and never picks up the phone then you may want to think twice.

How to-Choose-Your Wedding-Party

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  • Include Your Family:

There is not rule that says your wedding party must be old college buddies and colleagues only. If you have a sibling that you are close to, include them and give them that honor as well.

  • Set Realistic Expectations:

When you pick your bridesmaids and groomsmen, be realistic with your expectations of them. They are there to support you and make sure you are all smiles. Setting very high and unrealistic exceptions can lead to disappointments and even a fall out.

How to-Choose-Your Wedding-Party

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  • Consider the size of your wedding:

Consider the size of your wedding when you pick you wedding party. Your wedding party size should be proportional to your wedding.

  • Be Nice:

Yes you do have to be nice and respectful to your wedding party. Treat them as you would want to be treated.


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