A day in the life of a wedding planner

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We scroll through Instagram, Pinterest and see these beautiful weddings perfectly executed but what you don’t see is what goes into creating that perfect wedding. The Behind the scenes aka THE SECRET SAUCE! A wedding can be one of the most stressful events of your life but with the help of a professional wedding planner, you can have a beautiful wedding and have fun too.

Today we are walking you through a day in the life of a wedding planner and walking you to the days leading up to the BIG DAY.

For wedding planners, our days include long hours of working on the computer, team meetings, site visits, consultations, food tastings, dress shopping appointments, fittings, final walkthroughs, research, more research, reading, replying and composing emails, making phone calls, answering phone calls and putting out a few fires. The work of a wedding planner is no small feat. Believe me.! A wedding planner is a great multitasker and problem solver and this amazing ability is what makes wedding planners great at what they do.

After months of planning, fast forward to..

The week of the wedding

Wedding planners are double and triple checking everything, calling all vendors to confirm arrival times and needs, final guest count, finalizing details with the caterer, venue, confirming all beauty appointments, transportation, finalizing details with couple, organizing welcome bags, favors, escort cards, menus and all the wedding day items. That same week, wedding planners are confirming ceremony details , running all over town and running the wedding rehearsal and making sure everyone is off to have a fantastic time at the rehearsal dinner.

While everyone is having a great time at dinner (No we don’t have the time to wine and dine with everyone)… but we appreciate the invite!! We really do but we head back to triple check timelines, pack our wedding day emergency kit, triple check our schedules and go over every last detail of the wedding with the team. Before we go to bed, we check on the couple to make sure they are safely tucked in bed before we go to bed.

Photography: Val and Andy Photography

The Big Day

We are one or the first ones to wake up. I mean its THE BIG DAY.  After a big cup of COFFEE, our day begins. We start our day with a good morning/happy wedding day call or text to the couple making sure they are good and relaxed and we are off to make magic. A team member is assigned to stay with the wedding party at he hotel or prep location and make sure everyone is on schedule and help manage the start of the day. During that time, there may be some mishaps which we jump right in and fix.

Back at the venue(s), we are usually the first ones on site making sure the load in is going as planned. My awesome team is hard at work covering all the basis at the hotel, ceremony and reception venue. We handle everything from the set up of wedding day items to doing what needs to be done to make the day a success. Of course, we cannot do this alone. We work alongside the vendors for the day from photographers, videographers  to entertainment.

Throughout the day, we are making sure all aspects of the wedding is going smoothly. Our job is to execute a flawless wedding and that means, fixing any mishaps, whipping out that emergency kit if needed, managing guests, family members and vendors, making sure everything is on time, cueing the musicians, communicating with all key players to make sure the day goes without a hitch. They are day when we forget to eat.

At the end of a very long day, we make sure all of the couple’s things are packed and accounted for and we send them off.If contracted, we are off the next day to set up the brunch!

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Did I mention how much my team and I LOVE our couples!!!


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