5 Must-Have Wedding Day Items

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5 Must-Have Wedding Day Items

Happy Thursday!

With so much happening leading to the wedding day, it’s so easy to miss a few things. Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered! We are sharing 5 must-have wedding day items. Enjoy.

  • Extra Pair of Shoes:

You must have an extra pair of shoes. Yes those Jimmy Choos and Christian Louboutins are so fabulous and worth the photo but after a few hours, they hurt like hell so be sure to get another pair of shoes. Flats to be specific. ( You will thank me later).

  • Medication:

This is very important. We as wedding planners bring an extensive emergency kit but not a bag of medicine. If you suffer from minor or major discomforts, please pack your medication with you. For example, some people react to different brands of pain killers so be sure to pack what sits well with your body incase you have a headache. Another is medicine for heartburn, acid reflux or tummy aches like pepto, prevacid, pepcid etc). Every single time I remind my couples they giggle. But seriously, pack it!!

  • Money for Emergency Expenses:

Let’s face it. Things happen and you have to be ready for them. One of the things you want on hand is some extra cash or a credit card. Just Incase.

  • Wedding Rings:

As wedding planners, we send checklists, reminder emails and texts saying “don’t forget your rings”. Well, it’s been forgotten before. So add this to the top of your list. Pack your rings!!!

  • Marriage license:

We saved the best for last. My team and I typically collect the marriage license from our couples before the wedding rehearsal. If for some reason, they don’t have it on them that day, we beg and plead for them not to forget it on the big day. We will take that task off your hands once we see the bride or groom but the important reminder here is to pack it, make a copy and double check your bags to make sure its in there before you leave for the wedding. Most officiants will not proceed with the ceremony without the marriage license presence. Can you blame them?

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