10 Tips For The Morning Of Your Wedding

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10 Tips For The Morning Of Your Wedding

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10 Tips For The Morning Of Your Wedding

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Hello Darlings!

The morning of your wedding is such an important part of your big day but its so often overlooked.  The morning of your wedding should be special and relaxing. The way you begin your day sets the tone for the day ahead so it’s so important to start off your wedding day right. Today, we are sharing some things to do the morning of your wedding.

Enjoy some of our tips!

1.Surround yourself with people that love you

Make sure you surround yourself with people that truly love you and are happy for you. You should be around a supportive group of people whether its family, friends or your wedding party. Don’t allow negative energy on your wedding day so choose wisely when you are picking your wedding party.

2. Music

Prepare a really good playlist. This should have a list of songs that will get you in a good mood. Some brides opt for a more chill playlist in the morning and something more upbeat as the day goes on. Whatever you choose, make sure its what you LOVE. It is wise to get one of those portable speakers. They are affordable and loud enough the get the party started.

3. Meditate

Start your day off right with some quiet time. You have a long day ahead of you. Allow yourself some time to process what going on and allow good energy in. A little medication or yoga will not hurt.

4. Breakfast

Food is so essential whether you feel hungry or not. It is so important to eat breakfast. Don’t forget to feed your wedding party breakfast and lunch. They have taken the time to be there for you so don’t forget about them.

5. Hydrate

You must hydrate and pace yourself with those yummy mimosas and champagne. It’s going to be a long day and more drinking and dancing. You do not want to be drunk by noon. Not a good look.

6. Allow others to help you

I know we sometimes like to do everything ourselves but the truth is; you are not superwoman so allow others to help you. Besides, it’s your big day and you are the center of attention so don’t shut down help from your bridesmaids or family. They are just trying to make sure you feel special and relaxed. Also, don’t hesitate to designate little tasks.

7. Get Comfy

Comfort is key on your wedding day. Make sure before you get into your dress, you are in comfortable clothing. We want it to be pretty for photographs too so consider a bridal robe or cute bridal sweatpants. You want to be nicely relaxed before you get into THE DRESS!

8. Take It All In

You must take time to look around you and just take it all in. Hug your girls, look at your dress, shoes, rings and allow yourself the joy of what is happening. Give yourself enough time so you are not rushed. So before your hair and makeup begin, make sure you give yourself a few hours prior to enjoy the moment and take it all in so you are not rushed.

9. Exchange Gifts

Allow yourself a special moment with your finance. Even if you do not plan to see each other until you walk down the aisle, you can still stay connected on the morning of your big day. Consider exchanging gifts or a note to one another. It’s such a special moment that you will never forget and will cherish forever.

10.Don’t Fret

You have heard this so many times. Well, we will say it again. RELAX! DO NOT STRESS! Relax and let the pros handle the day.

I hope these tips get you closer to a more blissful wedding day.

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Happy Planning.



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