5 things your planner wants you to know

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5 things your planner wants you to know

Hiring a planner is a hugely helpful way to ensure your vision comes together perfectly. A wedding planner does so much; we help you stay on budget, conceptualize the look of the wedding, research and find the best creative team, hold your hand every step of the way, manage your guest list and handle almost every single task to keep the wedding planning process seamless and ensuring that you can actually enjoy your big day.  I have come to realize that most people really don’t know what a wedding planner really does and that is OK. We are here to educate you on what we really. The truth is our lives and duties are not as glamorous as Jennifer Lopez in The Wedding Planner. We so wish it was.
So here are 5 things your wedding planner wants you to know.

Your Significant Other

We want to hear from your significant other too. A marriage is about 2 people so both opinions matter. Get them involved.

We work non stop

Although it looks like we have the most fabulous lives full of fabulous events and champagne. Our reality is endless emailing, phone calls, some sleepless nights and more

We want you to trust Us

Trust is key. You have to trust the vendors you have chosen and trust that they have your back. Planners don’t want to be micromanaged. So hire the right vendors and let them do their jobs.

We want you to be honest

We want you to honest about likes and dislikes from jump.

Details matter

Remember “Details create the big picture”

We added a few extras 🙂

Be Nice

Your planner is going to be working closely with you for months. It helps when there is a respectful and friendly relationship. That connection is important.

 Have Fun

Don’t sweat the small stuff.
Happy Planning
– Akeshi A
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