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Vendor Spotlight | Gold Grid Studios

Alissa Pagels ~ Gold Grid Studios Photographer

Working with Gold Grid Studios is always an utter dream! Their team of photographers are so professional, determined, fun, dedicated and creative! We want to highlight Alissa Pagels, Gold Grid Studios photographer, rabbit lover and gluten free foodie! We have chosen some of our favorite Gold Grid Studios snapshots from Gold Grid Studios and asked Alissa a series of questions answered below!

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  • Tell me a bit about yourself and your role with Gold Grid Studios.
    • I found Gold Grid Studios after quite a few years in the wedding industry. I’ve been a photographer since high school (thanks art class!) and specialize in events, portraits, and editorial assignments. Working with the Gold Grid team allows me to focus on my craft and bring all of my photography experience to life when I photograph weddings. When I don’t have a camera in my hands, I’m probably eating at one of Chicago’s amazing restaurants or jamming to a carefully curated playlist. I’m based in Chicago with my partner, Bethany, but travel nationwide for photo shoots whenever I get the chance!
  • Where does your inspiration come from?
    • I’m often inspired by my subjects, especially when capturing portraits and events. I LOVE that I am able to use my years of training and technical skills to capture beautiful moments in an artful way. My environment is also a source of inspiration, and I regularly get ideas while walking around with my clients on foot. A graffiti wall, industrial bridge or group of trees can easily turn into a striking image. 
  • Which season is your favorite to snap away in?
    • I’m a fan of fall and spring, when colors pop and it’s not blazing hot. But summer and winter have their photographic perks too!
  • What emerging trends do you see for 2016?
    • I’m noticing a lot of couple leaning towards a more simple experience with quality vendors. People want great photography and more people seem to understand the value of lasting memories. Stylistically, I think we will see a swing even more towards candid and creative editorial rather than super posed and static imagery.
  • What is your favorite moment from the wedding, from a photographers stand-point?
    • I still get choked up during ceremonies, especially if a couple has written their own vows and made the ceremony uniquely their own. There’s a certain kind of energy during those moments that just gets me! Luckily I have a camera to hide my face when I get too many feels. 🙂
  • What makes Gold Grid stand out?
    • For me, Gold Grid is a studio committed to quality and a great experience. On top of that, we are a great team together and it’s wonderful to know we are all on the same page when it comes to delivering a great service.
  • Any advice for couples!
    • When it comes time for your wedding day, be present. Take some moments for yourself to breath it all in. Enjoy your day and your surroundings, express yourself freely, and really soak in your big day. This will help ease the jitters and also make for better photos!

      studio: 5254 N Damen Ave, Chicago IL web: | e.mail: facebook: | Instagram & Twitter: @GoldGridStudios

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