Vendor Spotlight | Calligraphy by CT

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Vendor Spotlight | Calligraphy by CT

We are honored to feature Christy Toney, founder, owner and lead calligrapher of Calligraphy by CT! We have the luxury of working alongside Christy often and are impressed by her work every single time. Christy’s background in art is evident in her work. She always has a creative design in mind and executes seamlessly. Her B.A. from Columbia College, Chicago, professional training from Chicago’s Art Institute, The American Academy of Art and The Palette & Chisel has provided her with extensive knowledge in the arts. She prides herself on making sure her client is happy, they are her main focus and we applaud her for staying true to that mantra. It is always a pleasure working with Christy!

Enjoy learning more about her and check out some of her stunning work! Images via Calligraphy by CT …XX


Photo | Valdas Sinkevicius

Tell me a bit about yourself and your role with Calligraphy by CT

I am a Chicago native, formerly in advertising who’s been poking around weddings since as early as ’04. Formally since ’07 and as a full time pursuit since ’11. I’m a calligrapher, artist, stationer and all around crafty girl.

Where does your inspiration come from?

I get great inspiration from fine art publications and hand letterers from around the country. I try to take in as many blogs, periscopes and Instagram/Pinterest pics as I can. They just motivate me to continue to work harder and add flair and creativity to my letter designs.


Photo | Miller + Miller Photography

What were some favorite moments of 2015?

Personalizing ornaments as part of an in-store promotion at Target last December. Highlight of my career for sure. The kids were adorable and I had the creative freedom to do whatever they asked. I lettered about 100 ornaments and I clearly remember thinking to myself while doing it, “I’m exactly where I am supposed to be.”

What emerging trends do you see for 2016?

Calligraphy workshops/instruction. They were already gaining steam in years past, however, it appears that they are more popular than ever. In person, online, private parties… Its just all the rage. People are accessing this beautiful art more readily with social media and they want to learn the craft. The classes that I teach at Paper Source sell out pretty quickly. I hope to have my first workshop in May of this year.

As far as wedding industry trends, brush lettering in any form, watercolor mixed with calligraphy, ombre letter effects and lettered signage are things that I’m seeing. Everything is uber personalized and event “stations” are beautifully labeled. With the circulation of these images through social media, these trends don’t appear to be slowing down at all.


Photo | Gold Grid Studios

Do you have a go-to design if a couple just can’t choose?

Absolutely. When I worked in advertising, we had a wall of beautifully displayed client concepts that had been rejected or simply not utilized for whatever reason. In the same way, I’ve presented so many options over the years, I can always go back in the archives if clients don’t have a very specific point of view. Tastes differ so much that I’m usually able to find something that couples will gravitate towards.

What design/style/color combinations are the most popular as of late?

Gold foil. It made a lot of lists last season, but it continues to hang around. Clients can’t get enough of gold. Also painted florals… I have done so many mirrors but the decorative element is becoming more important as well. I’m feeling pressure to present some items that are a bit more ornately designed. Mixed fonts are also still very popular. Clients like to mix scripts with block fonts. Its attractive and also easier on the eye.

Any advice for couples!

Think about how you’d like to handle the presentation of your big day. A planner will typically help put this on your radar screen, however if you are on your own, just add a line item in your budget for “signage”. The reason you should do it early is that I’m accustomed to clients being weary of spending by the time they get closer to the big day!

Anything else you would like to share about Calligraphy by CT?

I’m NOT located in Connecticut! 


Photo | Carasco Photography

Calligraphy by CT information:

Website | Blog |InstagramFacebook |Twitter708-743-4646

Until next time…xoxo

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