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Vendor Spotlight| Paramount Events

Janie Smith, Catering Sales Manager


  • Tell me a bit about yourself and your role with Paramount Events
    • I’m the Catering Sales Manager for the Wedding division at Paramount Events. I’ve been with the company for over 2 years, but have been in the catering industry for 6 years. I love building a personal relationship with my clients and getting to celebrate with them on their big day! In my free time I love running on the lake and trying new restaurants in the city.
  • Where does your inspiration come from?
    • There are the usual suspects like Pinterest and blogs, but I would say the biggest place I find inspiration is from trying to see things in a new perspective. I may see something really interesting on Pinterest but I think about how I can take that idea and make it “Paramount” by adding a twist to it.
  • What were some favorite moments of 2015?
    • My favorite moment of 2015 was my last wedding of the year. It was in December at Firehouse Chicago, and was a surprise wedding for one of the grooms. Leading up to the proposal, all of the planning was a secret, which made for a unique experience. The night of the wedding, tension was high right before he arrived, then once he said yes to getting married 15 minutes later, all of the guests rejoiced and the whole mood changed from nervous to excited! It was such a fun and beautiful wedding, the best way to end the year!
  • What emerging trends do you see for 2016?
    • I definitely see a move more towards elegant/modern weddings. Marbles, whites, grays and golds. People are going back towards plated dinners with really unique and interesting menus.
  • Do you have a go-to menu if a couple just can’t choose?
    • Definitely! I love our bang bang shrimp hors d’oeuvre and our short rib with a parsnip puree entrée. I eat our food a lot at tastings, but I never get sick of it! Our chef is constantly changing the menus and adding seasonal flavors and menu items. We also have a garden where we harvest a lot of fresh veggies and herbs!
  • What food or drink items are the most popular as of late?
    • I am seeing a lot of vintage drinks becoming “new” again by adding a twist. Taking a Tom Collins and adding Tarragon, or an Old Fashioned and adding Cherry Preserves. This year will be big on making the vintage into the modern.
  • Any advice for couples!
    • Check off your big players first, like the band and the caterer. The sooner you have those locked in the sooner you can start doing the fun stuff with your planner!
  • Anything else you would like to share about Paramount Events
    • I think there are a couple things that make Paramount stand out in the industry. First all of our staff is hired by Paramount, meaning we hand select and interview them instead of hiring them through a staffing agency. Due to this, our staff knows the level of service, menu items and our high standards we require. The Bride and Groom also receive extra attention with a personal server designated to them on their special day. Second our Sales Team is truly dedicated to their clients all the way from the proposal process to the actual wedding day. Each sales member attends their weddings to ensure that the couple is happy and comfortable throughout the night.

      1932 W Lake St | Chicago, IL 60612, Office 773.880.8044, find me on Facebook or LinkedIn, Janie Smith. Find me on Instagram, jayallie.

      Janie Smith, Catering Sales Manager

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