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I Do. Do You?

Popping the question to your girls!

He asked…you said yes! Now it’s your turn to pop the question to the leading ladies in your life. You can’t wait to ask your girls in the most creative, meaningful and special way possible! That is where we come in. We love the idea of proposing to your girlfriends in a cute little way to get them super excited for the big day. We have done our research and the leg work for you, now it’s in your freshly manicured hands to put your personal spin on it and choose 1 of these 8 ideas that suits your style.

Sweet Surprise & Sweet Treats!

For this girls that love their decadent treats give them a taste of what they’re in for! A miniature bottle of Prosecco or Rosé truly is the right way. Macarons in a box or little chocolates will satisfy their sweet tooth and get them amped for their bridesmaid duties!


Flip Out for a Flip Book!

A cute and quirky little book that asks and answers the question for the soon-to-be bridesmaid! You’ll love creating it and she’ll adore flipping through it. Asked & Answered!


A Darling Dinner!

This soiree will not be your average dinner…you can pop the question on the napkins, place holders, on the straws, in calligraphy – the list goes on and on! Get creative and fun with the tablescape…maybe even with a preview of your wedding colors! They’ll be so delighted and you’ll have the entire evening to plan, drink, laugh and celebrate.


Early Bird gets the Ring!

Brunch is all the rage and we couldn’t be happier about it. This is one trend that should never disappear. Your girls will worship your bridal party brunch! Pop the big question with a darling sign “I DONUT want to get married without you” How can they resist this sweet request?


Make Her Work for it!

For your friends who love a challenge offer up a whimsical crossword puzzle! Sure you need her by your side on the big day – but can she crack the code and fulfill her bridesmaid duties? Find out with this fun little game.


Scratch Off – Say Yes!

Surprises really are the best! Send your girls cards that double as scratch-offs. They’ll love revealing the hidden question. Pro Tip: Make the card the color scheme of your big day. Send extra little add-on’s like nail polish!


Survival Kit!

We are HUGE fans of the latest and cutest “Survival Kit” trend. Why not send someone the essentials to complete the duties you’re asking of them!? Give your girls a preview of your color scheme with your adorable DIY Bridesmaid Survival Kits.

POP The Question!

Balloons are the universal sign of a good party! Send your ladies a little box fun and have them POP the question! A little box, baby balloon, note and confetti or sparkles on the inside of the balloon and safety pin are the essentials for a sweet proposal.


Photo 1: Ruth Eileen Photography; Photo 2: Studio Eleven Weddings; Photo 3: The Perfect Palette; Photo 4: Style Me Pretty; Photos 5 & 6: Etsy; Photo 7: Something Turquoise; Photo 8: Quiet Like Horses

Until Next Time…xoxo

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