You’re Engaged! Now What? | Ten Tips for the Newly Engaged

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You’re Engaged! Now What?

Ten tips for the newly engaged!

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First of all congratulations to all the newly engaged couples! We can’t wait to meet you, hear your proposal story, and help in as many ways that we can! We have ten tips for you to make your engagement smooth and fun…enjoy & take notes!


Once your man pops the question pop the bubbly! Celebrate your booty off and start making those phone calls A.S.A.P. Call parents, cousins, other family members, and close friends. These people should be the one’s that get a personal phone call and do NOT find out via social media. Celebrate as much as possible with your fiancé, friends, and family…and get used to using the word fiancé. It has a nice ring doesn’t it? Speaking of rings…


Treat yourself! You’ll be showing off that humungous rock and you want picture perfect nails to compliment it don’t you? Nude colors are in right now and won’t detract from the sparkle. I personally suggest Essie’s Classic 2015 Bridal Collection, which features “adore-a-ball”, “allure”, and “hubby for dessert”. Once you’re manicured it’s time to get insured. You don’t want the rock that has been blinding you and your friends to disappear. Not only is your ring the ultimate accessory but also an investment, so be smart – get insured!


In addition to taking over a solid 30 minutes creating the perfect ring selfie for all social media platforms (let’s be honest ladies) you will also want to set up an engagement photo-shoot session. Engagement shoots are ridiculously fun and is a way to show you and your fiancés personal style. Engagement shoots allow you to get creative and maybe give a sneak peek of what your wedding style will be! Check out our friends at Carasco Photography and schedule your engagement session!


Okay, maybe we’re slightly biased on this tip but honestly this will help you in ways you haven’t even thought of… we promise. Hiring a wedding planner will take the stress off of you so you can enjoy, which is what you should be doing; relishing every moment of your engagement all the way through to the big day! Before making big decisions such as venue spots, catering, etc. hire a wedding planner. Your planner will be your confidant and will know the industry like the back of her hand. People have the misconception that hiring a wedding planner will be costly but she will help you reduce costs in ways you may not have known. Hire a planner A.S.A.P. because they are in demand and book quickly!

Visit our planning page for more information on our packages!


(Or at least season) No, you don’t need to send save the dates the day after your proposal but you should have a rough timeline of when you want the big day to go down. Maybe you met in a particular season or the month of October holds significance. The actual date may need to be flexible based on venue choice but don’t fret – just have a rough idea!


Create a rough draft of the guest list…rough is the key term here ladies. You will create a list that has over 500 people because you’re just so excited but don’t worry that will be cut down. When creating the guest list you also have to keep in mind what your dream venue can accommodate and the price of each person’s meal, etc. Create boundaries and stick to them!


Picking out a venue can be one of the best parts! Your wedding planner will be your guardian angel when it comes to venue choice. She will have extensive knowledge of how many people this venue can hold and how it looks when transformed into a wedding ceremony and reception. There are many many details when it comes to venue choice so be patient and keep your options open. Keep your wedding style in mind as well!


Creating a budget normally comes first because this detail strongly affects the other details. Budgets need to be discussed between the soon-to-be husband and wife and their parents. Budget also needs to be discussed with the wedding planner so she knows what she’s working with. Creating your dream wedding is possible!


The search for the perfect gown results in the most dreamlike moment that I cannot even describe in words. Seeing a soon-to-be bride look in the mirror and have tears well in her eyes only builds the excitement for the wedding and the anticipation of the grooms first look. Search for the dress in advance because you most likely will not be buying it off the rack. And when you make an appointment with a bridal salon have photos with you, styles in mind, and even designer preferences. Our expert friends at Dimitras Bridal will turn your little girl dreams into big girl (soon to be Mrs.!) reality.


This one is self-explanatory. Take a deep breath and trust your planner. Trust that your day is going to go off without a hitch and will be everything you imagined and more. And take a look at that ring again…and again, no judgment. This is your time, be happy, get excited, and pop another bottle!

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Until next time sweet brides-to-be…xoxo

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